Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

A special weekend triple: these are some pictures I took while visiting my sister in New York last year. It was Sunday, and warm, and we were lazing by the river, as were these people. The odd thing about New York for me is that it has always been warm when I have visited. It's really strange, because I've been many times, and at many times of the year, including Christmas, but it's always been warm. My sister assures me that it can be cold enough to severely endanger exposed limbs, but to me this is New York-warm, people out and about, always doing something. The guy socializing with his bike, the old couple with their companionable separateness and the young couple with their shared book.

Taken with a Canon digital Rebel XT

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SQ said...

man that was a good day....*sigh*